Happy Birthday Gembelku

By Eriska Primayasari - 7:16:00 PM

To: My Gembel
Happy 19th Efita Tria Wardani.
You've been such a wonderful friend to me that everyday feels like a holiday.
Thanks for making my life so interesting and so much fun.
Life is boring when you're not around.
Happy Birthday.
May you live forever and keep lighting people's live the way you do. 

Efita Tria Wardani, she is my best friend. She was born at Wamena, Papua. She’s one year younger than me. she like play basketball and swim. now she is still college at Politeknik Negeri Malang, you so far away from me. But you often call me and we tell each other. Tell you about our new life, experience, miss school atmosphere with friends and you knows all about me and who still love me.
I love you my gembel...

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