Tea Plantations at Gunung Mas Puncak, Bogor

By Eriska Primayasari - 1:37:00 PM

A long time ago I was visited tea plantation at gunung mas puncak, Bogor with my friends. After Webmaker App Launch Party on the night then on the morning we wen to Puncak, Bogor. Cause those day is the last day Laura (from Paris) and Bobby (from Canada) therefore we accompany they to walking around tea plantations.

We left Jakarta on early morning, trip from Jakarta to Puncak without jamming. except for the weekend. we ride a car containing seven passengers, there are Rara, Yofie, Deryan, Dian, Laura and Bobby. 

this Picture already edited the brightness, but still can't help. hahaha can you see Bobby and Laura at behind?
Before entering Gunung Mas, we had breakfast at roadside stalls. Almost we ate Indomie with special egg, so yummy with the weather so cold and beautiful view.
After had breakfast we go to Gunung Mas and we had a guide for accompany us to walking around tea plantation. The guide also told to us about how to harvest tea leaves and all about tea.

walking arround

Photo Grup Band (1)

Photo Grup Band (2
This is our guide, in the front. This Picture took by Laura

After tired around the tea plantation, we back to Jakarta and lunch at Cimory Riverside.
Thank you my friends from Mozilla Community. See you next time!

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