Mozilla Indonesia has been Visited SMK Assalam at Bandung District

Saturday, May 30th, 2015 after the Festival ICT Sabuga ITB 2015 in several Mozilla Reps Indonesia visit to SMK Assalam at Bandung District, to meet the demand of the Principal SMK Assalam, the conversation began with the introduction of SMK Assalam by the Principal. SMK Assalam a vocational school with a competency expertise Lightweight Vehicle Engineering (Automotive Engineering Four-Wheeled and two), Motorcycle Engineering (Mechanical Automotive Wheels Two and Four Wheels), and Computer Engineering and Information Technology with a curriculum which refers to industry and official curriculum. SMK Assalam already working with several leading companies in Indonesia, such as Honda, Toyota, Toshiba, Mazda, and other companies. SMK Assalam been established for 6 years and has graduated thousands of students who are now working in various big companies in Indonesia. During the meeting, the Principal asked Mozilla Indonesia to help the teaching on site at the school.

We from Mozilla Indonesia will be happy to assist SMK Assalam. Mozilla Foundation has a new program that Mozilla Club, where all schools can join in Mozilla Club. In this opportunity, we also introduced the Mozilla project, and the principal is very interested in the Mozilla projects that can help students learn about information technology better. After a long discussion, we had the opportunity to surround SMK Assalam, see lab owned by SMK Assalam, and apparently they still use a computer manufactured less than two decades ago. Salute with vocational students Assalam they had the spirit of learning, as well as teachers who always pay attention to education for his students get lessons are up to date.

Mozilla Club Coordinator

Hello I'm Eriska Triana Primayasari. Mozillians from Indonesia. I know mozilla from event at my school. Mozilla Reps Indonesia came to my school. 2012 I'm joined with mozillians. then 2013 I'm attended Mozilla Summit 2013 at Santa Clara, California, USA. lucky me! I'm never thinking about it. I just want contribution to Mozilla. From Malang, East Java. Now I'm moved to Jakarta. make new life in here. I'm still college but I'm an employee too. so college is my part-time. I'm graduated from Senior High School who specially for Technology Informatic. so I'm familiar with coding. I'm so thankful and excited to serve as Regional Coordinator for clubs, mentors to make Web. I'm excited for the future.
if the club mozilla developed in Indonesia this would greatly help the education in Indonesia. because it may Mozilla Club will give different learning, which are not taught in schools in Indonesia in general. Playful learning, is very pleasant. something that inspires me is to share it beautiful. I am very happy if I could share the knowledge that I can be with other people. Indonesian teenagers need a lot of knowledge, they can gain knowledge not only in the school. but they also can get outside of school hours. Indonesia need for literacy and information technology. the challenge is how to teach web to the Indonesian community that so much with very limited internet access, because Indonesia is very huge. and hire one of them to become club captain.
Ideal club leader and club leaner that I want is those who have the intention of their hearts. want to learn. they do not have to be from people who understand the web. whoever they are, even though they do not know what the web. provided they are willing to learn web. that's what I was looking for. if they already know what it is web, then at least add their knowledge about the web and they are not blind to the information technology that is being developed at this time. one example web. even in Indonesia are so many online shopping is using the web. This will greatly help them ifthey could understand what the web. they need is the intention of their own instead of necessity. I will help, to teach them what is web with all the ability that I have.