Mozilla Summit 2013 - Welcome Reception

By Eriska Primayasari - 11:47:00 AM

Welcome Reception!
then all the people from different countries all gathered there. The first dinner, dinner were so cool!
i came a bit late because i overslept. my body is so tired. BUT! all that is lost when meeting with new people, we introduced ourselves. they're cool. we immediately joined, when it happened to me joined a table with the Chinese.

Yuan Xulei , two his friend, Ray You, Mr. Rahmat, Deryan and me courtesy of @nurikidy

Yuan Xulei told me that at his country not use twitter and facebook. because his country has problem with use twitter and facebook. but his country has a special social media in china. i forget the name of social media. they dare to activated twitter account and facebook while in Santa Clara. I'm sure time their account is inactive. because they have returned to their home country. nice to meet you. i hope we can meet next time. maybe next #MozSummit? ^^

Welcome Mozillians!!!

me with deryan my roommate, classmate, boarding mate. everything :))

i love the app behind me. which displays photos of all social media. who use hastag #MozSummit

The first dinner was so cool. I don't believed was in their part. soluble in their conversation, this is very far from what i thought. could felt the #MozSummit is very cool! awesome!

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  1. Sina Weibo is like a hybrid of facebook + twitter, but i think Renren is the China's facebook :)

    1. Renren? oh i remember the name is Renren :))


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