Mozilla Summit 2013 - Welcome Kit pick up

By Eriska Primayasari - 4:01:00 PM

after long trip from Surabaya (SUB) to Jakarta (CGK) then Jakarta (CGK) to Singapore (SIN) after that connecting flight from Singapore (SIN) to Tokyo/Narita (NRT) then Tokyo/Narita to San Jose (SJC) yeeey finally, welcome to US :)) thank you ANA for a nice flight.
The airport is located 2 NM (3.7 km; 2.3 mile) northwest of Downtown San Jose.
after that we have to pass throught immigration first, and it turned out very long queue -_- almost 1-1.5 hours we could get out from airport. after going through immigration we had been awaited by organizer #MozSummit they check who is coming. a few minutes later bus pickup is coming.

me with my legal guardian :p hello! courtesy of @nurikidy 

hello we are mozillian from Indonesia :)) courtesy of @bennychandra

say hello to san jose w/ @rara79 courtesy of @nurikidy

bus is coming!!! courtesy of @nurikidy

this is incredible! for the first i stayed at the hotel. Santa Clara Marriott my first lodging. arriving at the hotel we checked in. and finally i got room 2630 with roommate Deryan :))
previously, i headed sedona room for lunch. because available from 12pm to 2pm. so go there first :p

at Sedona room. open 24 hours!

grab what you need to get! courtesy of  othree

3 T-shirt for 3 days!

I'm Mozillian from Indonesia :))

the beautiful room key. courtesy of othree

the view from room 2630

after that i tried to rest a while after a very long trip. i had pillow face :|

at 6pm to 10pm i had a dinner. wait for the next post, keep in touch with reading my blog!

i'm mozillian from indonesia

eriska primayasari

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