Mozilla Summit 2013 - Photowalk

By Eriska Primayasari - 3:55:00 PM

The morning event, photo walk! brr *freeze*
is not entered the schedule, only initiative Roland and Ludo. it's still early in the morning cold was roving around the hotel.

good morning Marriot Santa Clara courtesy of othree

thanks Allah. so far my legs are still strong :))

Mission College Street

Shrine of Our Lady of Peace courtesy of othree

i wanna see sunrise ^^

walking together. entah saya mau cerita apa sama pak rdj. bukannya nglamak tangan saya pegang pundaknya pk rdj -_- courtesy of @nurikidy

Jump! courtesy of @nurikidy

horeeee! courtesy of @nurikidy

sebenarnya ini saya cuma jd model buat cari spot cahaya dibelakang saya :p tapi thank you om @nurikidy :))

+Deryan Everestha +Rahmat Djatmiko  courtesy of @nurikidy

+Irayani Queencyputri  +Nuri Abidin 

I found this photo on flickr. but i forgot who the flick account. thank you for taking picture us.

happy photo walk ^^

The photo below have different of viewpoints. because it's got the camera a lot. camera are everywhere :p

courtesy of othree

what are they did? courtesy of othree

baaaaa. courtesy of vikingkarwur

where you focus? courtesy of vikingkarwur

after that time for breakfast! i like the place. cool :))
i had chat with one of the mozilla. again and again I forget her name.

breakfast. courtesy of vikingkarwur

the first day is cool! meet new people. we shares stories. much less tells us long trip to Santa Clara from their countries. full of struggles and sacrifices. arrived here paid with happiness :))

I'm Mozillian from Indonesia

eriska primayasari

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  1. AAAAAAAAK beruntung sekali kamu ris ^^ semoga ntar kesana lagi ya

  2. foto kedua terakhir, cewe kanan sendiri itu siapa ris? xDD

    1. ooh itu namanya mbak Yoe One do, orangnya cantik ya? pinter juga loh ^^


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