Mozilla Summit 2013 - Group Photo

By Eriska Primayasari - 1:29:00 AM

and then we had scheduled group photo session!
in Brussels and Toronto also did group photo, and its certainly there are fox! 
fox has become the mascot of Mozilla!
cool photos along with nearly 600 people in each country.

Group Photo at Brussels. courtesy of flickr - #mozsummit
Group Photo at Toronto. courtesy of flickr - #mozsummit

Group Photo at Santa Clara. Courtesy of flickr - #mozsummit

I didn't visible. I was so small, standing between tall and big peoples. I was there like a small ant between big giraffe. so that my face is not visible >,<
but at least the Indonesian flag is seen in front. proud!

courtesy of flickr - #mozsummit
yey! finally i found a photo of me, although it only looks my veil from behind

courtesy of flickr - #mozsummit
fox seen being was appointed together by the participants #mozsummit .

Thank you for reading

Eriska Triana P.

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  1. and i was sleeping in the lounge *ZzzzZzzz*

  2. it was and because too tired also. havent slept enough couple days before *yawn*


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