Thursday, March 23, 2017

Love and Hate Relationship With This City, Jakarta

October 10, 2016
sometimes, somedays i miss so bad with this city. 2 years live in J town, made me realize that the struggle for life in this world is really difficult. But, that struggle make me strong than before. I can survive to stay live. I met so many people with different characters. Thanks Jakarta has become part of my life 💓💖


  1. Haaah bener banget sih. Walaupun sering sebelnya, tapi sebel sebel sebel tapi rindu juga. Muheheeh. Anyway, salam kenal yaa. Baru pertama kali nih main ke sini. \(w)/

    1. wkwkwk tapi banyak sebelnya, salam kenal juga. makasih udah berkunjung :)

  2. wihh mba uncchh ,,semangat mbakkk

    yah,namanya hidup :)

    bolehlah kalau ke jakarta meet :)

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